Tune your guitar

When you select your guitar as My Instrument, you can use the tuner in Magic GarageBand to check your tuning and help tune your guitar.

To tune your guitar in Magic GarageBand:

  1. Make sure that the input for your guitar is selected as My Instrument, and that My Instrument is highlighted on the stage.
  2. Click the Tuner button next to the My Instrument pop-up menu.
    MGB shuffle instruments

    The tuner appears below the stage.

    MGB my instrument tuner
  3. Play an open string on your guitar and watch the tuner. Be sure not to play more than one note at a time.

    The note name appears in the center of the tuner. If the note is out of tune, the note name appears red, and bars appear on either side to indicate whether the note is flat (left) or sharp (right).

  4. Turn the tuning peg on your guitar, continuing to watch the tuner.

    When the note is in tune, the note name appears blue.

  5. When you are finished, click the Tuner button again to close the tuner.

Mix Magic GarageBand instruments

You can mix the instruments on the Magic GarageBand stage to mute and solo instruments and adjust their volume.

To show the mixing controls:

  1. Select an instrument on the Magic GarageBand stage.

    A small display appears near the instrument, showing its name.

    MGB mixing HUD open
  2. Click the disclosure triangle in the instrument display.
    MGB mixing HUD open

To mute an instrument:

Click the Mute button in the instrument display.

To solo an instrument:

Click the Solo button in the instrument display.

To adjust an instrument’s volume:

Drag the volume slider in the instrument display.

If you select a different instrument on the stage, the mixing controls appear for that instrument, until you click the disclosure triangle to hide the instrument diplay.

The mixing controls for My Instrument also contain a level meter that you can use to watch the volume level of My Instrument. If the clipping indicators light, you can lower the volume to prevent clipping.

Open a Magic GarageBand project

You start working in Magic GarageBand by choosing a genre and opening the project for that genre. GarageBand chooses the instruments and creates a predefined arrangement.

To open a Magic GarageBand project:

  1. Choose File > New.
  2. In the Project Chooser, click Magic GarageBand, then select a genre from the choices on the right.
    Stage open
  3. Click Choose.

    The Magic GarageBand stage appears, showing the instruments for the project.

    Stage open
  4. To play the project, click the Play button (with the right-pointing triangle) in the control bar, or press the Space bar.
  5. To stop playback, click the Play button again.
  6. To choose a different genre, click Change Genre, select a new genre under the stage, then click Audition.

After you open a Magic GarageBand project, you can change the instruments, play all or part of the project, and mix different instruments in the project. You can also record your own instrument, tune your guitar in Magic GarageBand, and open the project in the GarageBand window.

Choose instruments

Each Magic GarageBand project includes Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, and Melody instruments. You can choose different instruments for each of these categories to change the sound of the project. Each choice has a slightly different sound and character, while still fitting in with the other instruments in the project.

You can also “shuffle” the instruments in a Magic GarageBand project to quickly try a new set of instruments for the project. After you shuffle instruments, you can change individual instruments.

To choose different instruments in Magic GarageBand:

Select the instrument that you want to change, then select a new instrument from the list below the stage. The instrument name suggests the type of sound and character of the instrument.

To shuffle instruments:

  1. Click the stage so that no instrument is selected.
  2. Click the Shuffle Instruments button below the stage.
    MGB shuffle instruments

To return to the original set of instruments:

  1. Click the stage so that no instrument is selected.
  2. Click the Start Over button below the stage.
    MGB shuffle instruments

If the song is playing when you choose a different instrument, the new instrument starts playing at the start of the next measure.

Each Magic GarageBand song also includes My Instrument, which you can use to play and record your own original part together with the instruments in the song.

Play a section

Each Magic GarageBand project is organized in sections, such as Intro, Verse, and Chorus. The sections appear in a row below the stage. You can select one or more sections and play them repeatedly. This can be particularly useful when you are learning part of a project, or when you are practicing or recording your instrument.

To play a section of a Magic GarageBand project:

  1. Click the section you want to play. Shift-click to select multiple sections.

    Selected sections turn yellow to indicate that they are selected.

    MGB - section
  2. Click the Play (>) button in the control bar.

If you click a section while the project is playing, playback jumps to the start of that section at the start of the following measure.

To deselect all selected sections, move the slider in the control bar from Snippet to Entire Song.

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