Record an electric guitar

You can record an electric guitar in an Electric Guitar track. You can connect the guitar to your computer using an adapter cable, or plug it into an audio interface connected to your computer.

Before you start recording, do the following:

  • Make sure your guitar is connected to your computer and is working.
  • Make sure you have enough free disk space for recording. Each minute of mono audio recorded at CD quality uses around 5 MB of disk space.
  • Double-click the track header to open the Track Info pane. To hear your guitar as you play and protect against feedback, choose On from the Monitor pop-up menu.

To record an electric guitar:

  1. Click the header of the Electric Guitar track to select it.
  2. Play your guitar to make sure it has the sound you want. If you want to change the guitar preset, amp, or stompbox effects, click the Track Info button (with an “i”) and change them in the Track Info pane.
    Transport-Record button
  3. Choose Control > Count In to have the metronome play for one measure before recording starts, or set the playhead a few beats before the point you want to begin recording, to give yourself time to start playing.
  4. Click the Record button (the red circle) in the control bar to start recording.
    Transport-Record button
  5. Play your guitar.

    The new region appears in the timeline as you record.

    As you record, watch the track’s level meter to make sure the track is receiving input, and that the input level is not high enough to cause clipping. If the red dots next to the level meters light up while you record, lower the input signal and try recording again.

  6. When you’re finished playing, click the Play button to stop recording.
    Transport-Play button