Play your instrument

Each Magic GarageBand song includes a part named “My Instrument” at the center of the stage. You can use My Instrument to play and record a microphone, an electric guitar, or a music keyboard.

To play your instrument in Magic GarageBand:

  1. Click the highlighted area at the center of the stage to select My Instrument.
    MGB my instrument
  2. Choose the input source for your instrument from the My Instrument pop-up menu below the left side of the stage, using these guidelines:
    • If you are playing a USB keyboard, choose Keyboard.
    • If you are playing an acoustic guitar through your computer’s built-in microphone, choose Internal Mic.
    • If you are playing a guitar connected to your computer’s audio input port, or using a microphone connected to the audio input port, choose Built-in Input.
    • If you are using a microphone or instrument connected to an audio interface, choose the numbered channel of the audio interface.
    • If you are recording using a microphone, and listening to your project through your computer speakers, choose Monitor Off. To hear yourself as you play and protect against feedback, choose Monitor On.
  3. Choose the instrument you want to play from the row below the stage.

    To select an instrument not shown, click Customize, choose the instrument type from the pop-up menu, click the instrument you want, then click Done.

  4. Play your instrument.

You can play My Instrument either with the project stopped or playing. You can also record your own part in a Magic GarageBand song using My Instrument.