Open a Magic GarageBand project

You start working in Magic GarageBand by choosing a genre and opening the project for that genre. GarageBand chooses the instruments and creates a predefined arrangement.

To open a Magic GarageBand project:

  1. Choose File > New.
  2. In the Project Chooser, click Magic GarageBand, then select a genre from the choices on the right.
    Stage open
  3. Click Choose.

    The Magic GarageBand stage appears, showing the instruments for the project.

    Stage open
  4. To play the project, click the Play button (with the right-pointing triangle) in the control bar, or press the Space bar.
  5. To stop playback, click the Play button again.
  6. To choose a different genre, click Change Genre, select a new genre under the stage, then click Audition.

After you open a Magic GarageBand project, you can change the instruments, play all or part of the project, and mix different instruments in the project. You can also record your own instrument, tune your guitar in Magic GarageBand, and open the project in the GarageBand window.