When you turn on monitoring for a track, you hear the instrument or microphone connected to the track’s input while you play and record in GarageBand. In some situations, particularly when using your computer’s speakers instead of headphones, you may want to turn monitoring off to avoid feedback.

You can turn monitoring on or off in the New Track dialog when you add a new track, or in the Track Info pane for the selected track. You can also turn monitoring on or off using the Monitor buttons in Electric Guitar and Real Instrument tracks.

Track Info-Real Instrument

In the Track Info pane:

  • Choose On to turn on monitoring and protect against feedback. If feedback occurs, an alert appears, asking if you want to turn monitoring on or off.
  • Choose On (no feedback protection) to turn on monitoring without feedback protection. If the input level is too high, it may cause feedback (especially if you are using a microphone and listening to your project through your computer speakers).
  • Choose Off to turn off monitoring. You can hear your instrument only while you record.