Mix Magic GarageBand instruments

You can mix the instruments on the Magic GarageBand stage to mute and solo instruments and adjust their volume.

To show the mixing controls:

  1. Select an instrument on the Magic GarageBand stage.

    A small display appears near the instrument, showing its name.

    MGB mixing HUD open
  2. Click the disclosure triangle in the instrument display.
    MGB mixing HUD open

To mute an instrument:

Click the Mute button in the instrument display.

To solo an instrument:

Click the Solo button in the instrument display.

To adjust an instrument’s volume:

Drag the volume slider in the instrument display.

If you select a different instrument on the stage, the mixing controls appear for that instrument, until you click the disclosure triangle to hide the instrument diplay.

The mixing controls for My Instrument also contain a level meter that you can use to watch the volume level of My Instrument. If the clipping indicators light, you can lower the volume to prevent clipping.