iMic in GarageBand

Follow these steps to record audio in GarageBand using a Griffin iMic.

  1. Connect the iMic to one of your computer’s USB ports.
  2. Connect the device you want to record from to the iMic’s input jack (the one with the microphone symbol).
  3. Move the iMic’s selector switch toward the input jack.
  4. Open the Audio MIDI Setup utility. (It’s inside the Utilities folder, which is inside the Applications folder.)
  5. From the Properties For pop-up menu, choose iMic USB audio adapter.

  6. Set the Format to 44100.0Hz, 2ch-16bit.
  7. Open GarageBand.
  8. From the GarageBand menu, choose Preferences.
  9. Click the Audio/Midi button.
  10. From the Audio Input pop-up menu, choose iMic USB audio adapter.
  11. Close the Preferences window.
  12. From the Track menu, choose New Track.
  13. Click the Real Instrument tab.
  14. Select an instrument or click Basic Track and select No Effects.
  15. Set the Format to Stereo.
  16. If you want to hear the audio source through the computer’s speakers, set the Monitor to On.
  17. Click OK.

GarageBand is now set to record from the iMic.